More Efficient E-Mail Practices: Why I Love (and still cannot afford a) Ferrari:

Over the last year or so, I’ve written a couple of times about my pet peeves from the world of corporate email practices.

Last December, I tried to explain how the overuse of the cc: function, both when you create as well as when you read an email, was a very serious drain on one’s productivity (see Reducing Your Carbon (Copy) Footprint – Say “No” to the CC)

Then in March, I went on about another email use that really bothers me – the practice of responding to or forwarding an email with the express purpose of simply transferring the responsibility of its content to someone else and avoiding that pesky task of solving the issue (Food For Thought: When “Getting It Off My Plate” Is Bad For Project Digestion).

I have seen both of these modes of electronic communication used fairly often within my financial services client-base, but I have to tell you – I was ecstatic to learn recently that another industry was also feeling the pain of these same inefficient email habits…and was actually doing something about them!!!!

Ferrari to employees: Put brakes on group emails

In July, the Italian sports car maker Ferrari announced:

“Concerned that messages are slowing down their 3,000 employees, the luxury Italian car manufacturer said in a statement that workers will only be able to send the same email to three people in-house.”

Three people?  Wow…how do you think your company would deal with that…???

The article goes on…Stefano Lai, the Ferrari vice president for communications stated:

“Sometimes people are so flooded by e-mail that it is difficult to find what is important,” Lai added. “If it is important it is better to call rather than wait and see what the answer is?”

“We hope people will call or go to the office and say: ‘When can we solve this thing,’ instead of waiting for an answer.”

Interesting…trying to get folks to communicate and SOLVE issues…not just pass the euro…

…perhaps this is something that Ferrari will also be able to export to the U.S…I certainly would be first in line for a test drive…

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